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Marco Reed
13 min readJun 18, 2024


Welcome to our roundup of the top custom upholstered beds that are sure to elevate your sleep experience. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of bespoke bedding, showcasing a selection of the most comfortable, stylish, and unique options available. From luxurious fabrics to tailored designs, we’ve curated this list to help you choose the perfect bed that will transform your bedroom into a cozy haven.

The Top 12 Best custom upholstered beds

  1. Luxurious Upholstered King Bed with Roll-Out Plywood Slats — Elevate your sleep experience with the King Upholstered Wingback Platform Bed by Birzer, offering premium comfort, luxury, and convenience with its modern design and compatibility with all mattress types.
  2. Custom Upholstered Tufted Platform Bed with Metal Legs — Experience luxury with the Rosevera Serento Upholstered Platform Bed, featuring a custom upholstered headboard, footboard, and siderails, sturdy metal legs, and adjustable headboard height for the perfect fit.
  3. Relaxed Upholstered King Bed in Fog — Indulge in stylish and low-maintenance luxury with the Miya upholstered King size bed in a soothing Fog color, perfect for a cozy and chic bedroom.
  4. Custom Upholstered Ink Blue Performance Velvet Bed with Low Profile Border Tufting — The Emmett Border Tufted Low Profile Bed offers a luxurious, contract-grade experience with customizable headboard heights and durable materials, creating a perfect blend of style and comfort for its users.
  5. Hanson Custom Upholstered King Bed in Pumice Color — Experience comfort and luxury in your master suite with this Hanson Upholstered Low Profile Standard King Bed, featuring a sleek wingback headboard and tailored foam-filled polyester upholstery.
  6. GREENGUARD Gold Certified Queen Upholstered Bed — Elevate your bedroom’s style and health with the GREENGUARD Gold Certified Greenwich Upholstered Bed in Tweed Ivory, a statement piece upholstered with your choice of fabric.
  7. Wyller Custom Upholstered Queen Bed by Arhaus — Revitalize your bedroom oasis with our Wyller Collection’s custom upholstered bed, blending comfort and luxury for an unforgettable sleeping experience.
  8. Customizable Serpentine Upholstered Bed by Ethan Allen — Experience ultimate comfort and luxury with the Rania Custom Upholstered Bed, Twin, Height: 54 by Ethan Allen, featuring a serpentine headboard customizable in your choice of fabric for a truly personalized look and feel.
  9. Custom Upholstered Florence Bed by Bassett Furniture — Bring your beloved Florence Upholstered Bed to life with customizable options and enjoy a luxurious, tailored sleep experience in your dream bedroom.
  10. AllModern Custom Upholstered Bed for Elegant Style — The AllModern Custom Upholstery Bridget Panel Bed offers an attractive, quality build that is easy to assemble, perfect for a luxurious bedroom setting, with minimal noise during use.
  11. Elegant Harlow Upholstered Bed in Gray — Stylish, Luxurious, Easy Care — Elevate your bedroom oasis with the Member’s Mark Harlow Upholstered Bed, featuring luxurious stain-resistant fabric, stylish design, and easy maintenance, available in Queen or King sizes with matching Harlow Bench options.
  12. King Olive Green Velvet Upholstered Platform Bed by Latitude Run — Experience the comfort and style of a Scandinavian-inspired upholstered king-size bed, featuring an ivory white bouclé headboard that seamlessly combines minimalist aesthetics with cozy charm.

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Luxurious Upholstered King Bed with Roll-Out Plywood Slats

The Birzer King upholstered wingback bed has become a favorite in my home thanks to its luxurious design and comfort. I was initially impressed by its modern and contemporary style, which elevated the feel of my bedroom. The soft-textured canvas fabric upholstery adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, and its roll-out plywood slats and metal center legs make it easy to assemble without the need for a box spring or foundation. Plus, the 5-inch-high conical black plastic legs provide depth and stability to the bed.

One of the most notable features is its comfortable and supportive design, which has made all the difference for my nighttime sleep routine. The extra-tall headboard with padded panel makes it perfect for lounging and reading, while the 1000-lb weight limit ensures it’s compatible with all mattress types. However, one drawback I’ve noticed is that the bed can be somewhat noisy when getting in and out of it.

Overall, I’m incredibly satisfied with my Birzer King upholstered wingback bed. It’s a fantastic investment in my home and has improved my sleeping experience significantly. If you’re looking for a stylish and supportive bed that won’t break the bank, this could be the perfect choice for you.

Custom Upholstered Tufted Platform Bed with Metal Legs

This exquisite Rosevera Serento Upholstered Tufted Platform Bed is an easy choice for a touch of elegance in your bedroom. Its expertly crafted solid wood frame features a deep button tufting that adds a sense of luxury to your space. The tufted headboard, footboard, and siderails are upholstered in soft polyester fabric, providing a comfortable and inviting feel.

The sturdy metal legs in a brushed bronze finish not only look great but also support the bed’s maximum weight recommendation of 1500 pounds. The queen bed frame comes with slat and center support feet for added stability. You can easily adjust the height of the headboard to fit your preferred mattress.

With its formal contemporary style, this custom upholstered bed is sure to impress anyone who admires thoughtful, high-quality craftsmanship.

Relaxed Upholstered King Bed in Fog

Looking for a luxurious bed that effortlessly blends into your bedroom? The Miya upholstered bed in Fog color is a fantastic choice. This king-sized, 4.0-rated piece boasts solid wood framing and a linen-blend fabric that offers a durable yet comfortable feel.

Its soft and stylish design features skirted bases and inverted corner pleats, creating an elegant and relaxing atmosphere. However, be mindful that the online image may mislead you as it shows the fabric touching the floor, but in reality, it is about an inch away. Overall, this bed is a great addition to any bedroom, providing both style and comfort.

Custom Upholstered Ink Blue Performance Velvet Bed with Low Profile Border Tufting

As someone who’s been using a bed for quite some time, I must say, the Emmett Border Tufting Low Profile bed from West Elm has been a game-changer. The full-sized bed, with its ability to choose between standard and tall headboard heights, had a significant impact on my sleeping experience. The non-tufted design coupled with the thick padding and upholstery made it feel like a cloud. The use of solid pine and engineered wood frames for added durability really did stand out in my experience.

However, the fact that it came with plastic shadowline support legs initially took some getting used to. The lack of an actual tufted design on the headboard might leave some people unimpressed. But overall, the Emmett Border Tufting Low Profile bed did live up to my expectations and turned my bedroom into a cozy haven.

Hanson Custom Upholstered King Bed in Pumice Color

Transform your bedroom into a luxurious haven with the Hanson Upholstered Low Profile bed, available in the regal King size. Its sleek, wingback headboard and understated design are sure to add a touch of elegance to your master suite.

The sturdy metal frame is built to accommodate a variety of mattress and box spring options, providing the perfect foundation for your dream bed. Crafted with foam-filled polyester and linen upholstery, this captivating centerpiece will not only comfort your body but also offer a captivating focal point to your home. So, whether daytime dreams of adventure or quiet nights of stargazing, let this stylish addition enhance your restful retreat experience.

GREENGUARD Gold Certified Queen Upholstered Bed

The Greenwich Upholstered Bed, a queen-sized beauty, adds a touch of timeless sophistication to any bedroom. With traditional upholstery and your choice of fabric and color, this stunning piece boasts premium construction from beech, plywood, foam, and low-melt fiber.

GREENGUARD Gold Certified, it ensures cleaner indoor air for your family by screening for over 10,000 chemicals and VOCs. Accommodating most standard mattresses and equipped with a 12 slat roll foundation, this custom upholstered bed will take your sleep game to the next level while contributing to a greener home.

Wyller Custom Upholstered Queen Bed by Arhaus

I recently had the opportunity to try out the luxurious Wyller Bed from Arhaus, and I must say, it’s a game changer for any minimalist bedroom. This upholstered Queen bed was a dream to behold and sleep on.

The custom fabrics added an extra layer of comfort and elegance, making it the perfect relaxing retreat.

Customizable Serpentine Upholstered Bed by Ethan Allen

The Rania Upholstered Bed from Ethan Allen provides a luxurious and customizable option for your twin-sized bed. With its serpentine headboard, you can now fully personalize your space by choosing your preferred upholstery fabric. Plus, this bed is compatible with motion base for extra convenience, and it’s also available in different configurations like a storage bed or just the headboard alone.

This customizable piece of furniture adds a touch of elegance to your bedroom, and with the wide range of Ethan Allen options, there’s bound to be one that suits your style.

Custom Upholstered Florence Bed by Bassett Furniture

I recently had the chance to try out the Custom Upholstered Florence Bed from Bassett Furniture. First and foremost, it’s a beautiful piece. The headboard really brings the travel-inspired design to life, creating an inviting environment in my bedroom. The process of customizing the bed was smooth, and I appreciated the option to choose from different wood leg styles.

One of the standout features of this bed is the wide range of sizes available. It fit perfectly in my queen-sized room, but I also know that it comes in twin, full, king, and even California king sizes. Although the complete bed frame requires longer rails for an adjustable base, it was a minor inconvenience compared to the overall luxurious experience.

While setting up the bed, I did encounter a small issue with the assembly instructions. A few parts were slightly unclear, so it took a bit longer to fully assemble than I had anticipated. However, I was able to reach out to their customer support, and they were very helpful in guiding me through the process.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Custom Upholstered Florence Bed to anyone looking for a unique and stylish addition to their bedroom. It’s a beautiful piece that brings a touch of elegance and coziness to your living space.

AllModern Custom Upholstered Bed for Elegant Style

When I first saw the Bridget upholstered panel bed, it immediately caught my eye with its elegant design and understated charm. The tailored silhouette and plush diamond button tufting gave it a luxurious touch, making it the perfect centerpiece for my bedroom.

One of the highlights of this bed was its custom upholstery, which allowed me to choose the perfect fabric and color to match my bedroom’s decor. The fully upholstered headboard not only provided a cozy feel but also added a touch of sophistication to the overall look.

Another great feature of the Bridget bed was its ease of assembly. Despite its hefty weight of 82 lb. , I was able to put it together by myself in a relatively short amount of time. The only challenge was figuring out the right height for the headboard, but with a little trial and error, I managed to achieve the desired result.

However, what really sets this bed apart is the absence of any noise whatsoever from the adjustable bed bases. This was a welcome change from my previous bed, which would squeak even at the slightest movement. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend the Bridget upholstered panel bed to anyone looking for a comfortable and stylish addition to their bedroom.

Elegant Harlow Upholstered Bed in Gray — Stylish, Luxurious, Easy Care


I recently had the opportunity to try out the Member’s Mark Harlow Upholstered Bed, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. The soft sand color I chose adds a touch of elegance to my bedroom, and the premium stain resistant fabric upholstery has held up well. My favorite feature is the built-in USB chargers for my devices, making it all the more convenient.

The Harlow Bed is both stylish and durable, making it a perfect addition to my bedroom sanctuary. It was a bit tricky to assemble, but once it was put together, it was a breeze to maintain. The micro-denier chenille, linen look fabric is not only eye-catching, but it also feels incredibly soft.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the Member’s Mark Harlow Upholstered Bed and it has become a favorite piece in my home. Highly recommended for anyone looking to upgrade their bedroom with a touch of luxury.

King Olive Green Velvet Upholstered Platform Bed by Latitude Run

Experience lavish comfort and style with the Olive Green Velvet Roman Platform Bed, perfect for transforming your bedroom into a serene oasis. This fully upholstered, king-sized bed boasts exquisite Scandinavian design, featuring a queen-sized bedhead that showcases the bed’s intricacies from every angle.

Natural wood legs in a soothing blonde finish support the bed and complement its charming aesthetics. Available in both queen and king sizes, this elegantly custom upholstered bed will effortlessly enhance any modern or cozy bedroom.

Buyer’s Guide

Are you in search of a luxurious custom upholstered bed that perfectly matches your bedroom’s décor? This buyer’s guide will walk you through the essential features, considerations, and advice to help you make an informed decision when purchasing your dream custom bed. We will cover aspects such as materials, design, comfort, and other factors that contribute to the overall quality and satisfaction of your bedding choice.


When selecting a custom upholstered bed, it’s crucial to consider the materials used, as they will impact the bed’s appearance, durability, and comfort. Some common materials include leather, velvet, linen, cotton, and microfiber. Leather is a popular choice for its durability and elegance, while velvet and linen bring a touch of luxury and softness. Cotton and microfiber are great for their breathability, and they come in a wide range of colors and patterns to suit your style.


The design of your custom upholstered bed will significantly impact the overall look of your bedroom. Some elements to consider include the bed frame shape, headboard and footboard design, and the style of any additional features, such as rails or storage options. Classic or modern styles, or a mix of both, will give you a bed that complements your existing décor and reflects your personal taste.


Since you will likely spend a significant amount of time in bed, it’s essential to prioritize comfort when choosing a custom upholstered bed. Consider factors such as mattress type, firmness, and support. Memory foam, latex, and coil mattresses all offer varying levels of comfort and support. It’s also essential to select a bed with adjustable firmness settings, allowing you to customize your sleep experience.

Maintenance and Care

To ensure your custom upholstered bed lasts and looks its best, it’s crucial to take proper care of it. Some tips to consider include: vacuuming regularly to remove dirt and dust, gently sponge-cleaning stains, using a mattress protector to prevent spills and stains, and rotating the mattress every six months to maintain an even wear pattern. Following these steps will help prolong the life and appearance of your custom bed.


What materials are typically used for custom upholstered beds?

Custom upholstered beds are typically made from high-quality materials such as wood, metal, and foam. Wood and metal are used for the bed frame and legs, while foam is included for comfort and support. The upholstery fabric is an essential part of the customization process and can be chosen based on the customer’s preferences, such as linen, cotton, microfiber, or any other luxurious material.

Different materials offer distinct benefits, with wood providing a classic and sustainable option, metal offering durability and style, and foam ensuring superior comfort. By combining these materials with a custom upholstered design, bed owners can enjoy not only a beautiful piece of furniture in their bedroom but also a comfortable and functional sleep space.

What can be customized in a custom upholstered bed?

Customization options for a custom upholstered bed are virtually endless. The design can be tailored to fit the room’s decor, theme, and even the customer’s personal style. Some of the most popular customization choices include the type of upholstery fabric (pattern, color, texture), stitch patterns, trimming, and nailhead detailing. In addition to the frame and headboard, custom features can also be added to the bed skirt and footboard.

Moreover, customers can choose the size and shape of the bed to suit their sleeping preferences and the layout of their bedroom. Custom upholstered beds come in various styles, including platform, storage, adjustable height, and even canopy designs. This level of customization allows individuals to create a bed that reflects their unique style and needs.

Is a custom upholstered bed expensive to produce?

The cost of a custom upholstered bed can vary depending on the materials used, customization options chosen, and the size of the bed. While it may be more expensive than a standard, mass-produced bed, the price difference is often offset by the quality and longevity of the custom bed. With proper maintenance, a custom upholstered bed can last for many years, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a luxurious and functional sleep space.

Moreover, the cost of a custom upholstered bed can be further reduced by shopping around for a reputable manufacturer offering competitive prices. It’s essential to work with a skilled craftsperson who can deliver a high-quality bed that meets your requirements in terms of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

What are the benefits of having a custom upholstered bed?

Having a custom upholstered bed offers numerous benefits compared to a standard, mass-produced bed. These benefits include improved comfort, enhanced style, increased durability, and personalization. A custom upholstered bed allows individuals to create a truly unique piece of furniture that reflects their personal taste and style.

Additionally, by incorporating custom features such as additional storage, adjustable height, or canopy designs, a custom upholstered bed can serve multiple functions and enhance the overall functionality of the bedroom. With the right customization choices, a custom upholstered bed can be a luxurious and functional addition to any sleeping space.

What kind of maintenance does a custom upholstered bed require?

To maintain the beauty and functionality of a custom upholstered bed, it’s essential to follow a proper maintenance routine. The specific maintenance tips may vary depending on the materials used and the customization options chosen for the bed. However, some general guidelines include regular dusting, vacuuming, and the occasional wash or dry clean of the upholstery fabric.

For wood and metal bed frames, proper cleaning and occasional polishing or sealing can help maintain the surface finish and extend the lifespan of the bed. It’s also important to avoid exposing the bed to excess moisture, as this can cause the upholstery fabric or underlying materials to deteriorate.

Is a custom upholstered bed suitable for allergy sufferers?

A custom upholstered bed can be suitable for allergy sufferers if proper materials and treatments are chosen. Allergen-resistant fabrics, such as hypoallergenic microfiber, can help minimize the risk of allergic reactions. In addition, using natural materials like cotton and linen can also be a good choice for individuals with allergies, as long as they are regularly washed and properly maintained.

It’s essential to work with a reputable manufacturer or upholsterer who can provide guidance on the most suitable fabrics and treatments for allergy sufferers. By customizing a bed to meet the specific needs of an individual, a custom upholstered bed can offer a comfortable and functional sleep space for those with allergies.

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