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Gear up to enhance your home decor with our carefully curated selection of frames for 18x24 print. In this roundup, we’ve taken the time to highlight top-rated products, ensuring that you find the perfect match for your cherished memories or artistic creations.

The Top 12 Best frames for 18x24 prints

  1. WallsThatSpeak 18x24 Gold Frames for Puzzles, Posters, Photos, and Artwork — Experience the timeless elegance and eco-friendliness of WallsThatSpeak 18x24 Gold Picture Frame, crafted with Bonanza Wood from Framerica and suitable for posters, prints, artwork, or puzzles.
  2. Acid-Free UV-Protected 18x24 Print Frame — A stylish and durable solid wood black frame with a 4-ply, conservation quality, acid-free photo mat, designed for a 18x24 print, offering UV resistance, crystal clear acrylic protection, and easy installation options for versatile display options.
  3. Studio Decor 18x24 Natural Poster Frame at Michaels — Protect and showcase your favorite poster or digital image with the stylish and durable Natural Poster Frame by Studio Décor, available in multiple sizes at Michaels.
  4. 18x24 Black Thin Molding Poster Frame by Place & Time — Add a touch of elegance to your contemporary home decor with the 18x24 Place & Time Black Thin Molding Poster Frame, perfect for displaying art or travel photos.
  5. Thin Brass Poster Frame (18" x 24") by Essentials | Target — Enhance your rooms with an eye-catching 18" x 24" Thin Poster Frame from Room Essentials, featuring a stylish faux metal brass finish and versatile display options.
  6. Stylish Poster Frame for 18x24 Downtown Print — Add elegance to your space with the Golden Finish Poster Frame, Downtown by Studio Décor — perfect for digital photos, available in multiple sizes, and ready to hang with attached sawtooth hangers.
  7. MCS Frame for 18x24 Inch Puzzles in Black — Preserve your puzzles with style and ease using the MCS 18x24 puzzle frame, featuring a durable natural MDF backing, lightweight Matte Black frame molding, and a flexible cover stock sheet for eye-catching backgrounds.
  8. Sleek 18x24 Poster Frame with Polished Plexiglass — The Americanflat 18x24 Poster Frame in Black boasts polished plexiglass and a sleek, secure gallery-style design, perfect for showcasing your favorite photos in both horizontal and vertical formats.
  9. Black Belmont Picture Frame for 18x24 Photos — The black Belmont frame by Studio Decor, available at Michaels in various sizes, boasts a contemporary design, sturdy construction, and easy installation, making it an attractive and durable choice for displaying cherished photos or artwork.
  10. 18x24 Black Basic Poster Frame — Add charm to your space with the Mainstays 18x24 Black Basic Poster Frame, boasting a sleek design, easy installation, and long-lasting durability.
  11. Natural Woodgrain 18 x 24 Inch Document Frame for Easy Photo Display — Elevate your artwork and photography with the stylish and versatile MCS Studio Gallery Frames, featuring a natural woodgrain finish and easy-to-use hangers.
  12. 18" x 24" Staples Aluminum Poster Frame — This Staples 18" x 24" black aluminum poster frame offers durability, ease of use, and high visibility for your posters, making it the perfect solution for display needs.

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WallsThatSpeak 18x24 Gold Frames for Puzzles, Posters, Photos, and Artwork


I recently purchased a WallsThatSpeak 18x24 Gold Picture Frame for Puzzles Posters Photos or Artwork, and I must say I’m pleasantly surprised. The frame is made from the Bonanza Wood, which looks and feels like solid wood, but at a much lower price. The clear acrylic face is a great touch, providing a high-quality finish to any image or puzzle placed within it.

One feature that stood out was the inclusion of hanging hardware and a rigid cardboard backer, making it easy to hung on any wall. However, I did notice that the frame seemed a bit too heavy for the plastic-coated acrylic. I encountered an issue where the acrylic broke when I tried to remove the protective coating.

Another downside was the lack of different color options for the frame. I would have loved to buy a 4-pack in a different color, but sadly that wasn’t available. Overall, I’m relatively happy with this purchase, and I’m excited to use it for hanging my favorite photos and artwork.

Acid-Free UV-Protected 18x24 Print Frame


For those who cherish their printed memories, the 18x24 frame with mat is the perfect way to showcase them. Made of solid wood, this black frame can hold prints, posters, or artwork measuring 18x24 inches.

I’ve personally experienced the joy of displaying my favorite photos in this sleek, elegant frame that comes with an included black mat or can be used without it for a grander look. The mat board is 4-ply, precision bevel cut, and is conservation quality, acid free — a feature that ensures your memories will not fade or yellow over time.

The protective front is made of. 060 sheet of frame-grade, UV resistant, high-quality acrylic, which not only protects your printed treasures but also adds a touch of class to any room. The frame can be displayed horizontally or vertically, and it comes with an easy-to-install D-ring and picture wire wall hanging kit. For convenient tabletop display, there’s a tap-in sawtooth hanger included.

The best part? All of these are proudly made in the USA!

Studio Decor 18x24 Natural Poster Frame at Michaels


I recently came across the Studio Decor Natural Poster Frame at my local Michaels store. Being a big fan of natural wooden frames, I was immediately drawn to its earthy, brown hue. I decided to pick up the 18" x 24" size as it seemed perfect for showcasing one of my favorite digital photos.

As soon as I unboxed it, I found that the frame not only had a polystyrene front with MDF backing, but also boasted a layer of plastic to protect my cherished image. I loved this extra layer of safety, ensuring that my favorite memory would stay scratch-free. However, I did notice that attempting to remove the protective layer would risk damaging the frame. It’s a small price to pay for its durability, though.

In my daily life, this Natural Poster Frame has become an essential part of our living room. It effortlessly complements the aesthetic of our home and brings warmth to any room it’s displayed in. If you’re in search of a sturdy and stunning poster frame for your prized memories, look no further than Studio Decor’s Natural Poster Frame available at Michaels.

18x24 Black Thin Molding Poster Frame by Place & Time

The Place & Time 18" x 24" Black Thin Molding Poster Frame is a sleek and elegant addition to any space. I had the pleasure of using one to showcase a beautiful piece of art in my living room. The black shade complemented the room’s decor and added a contemporary feel.

At first glance, I appreciated the lightweight design, which made it easy to move and hang. However, the plastic center seemed a bit flimsy and didn’t quite match the quality I expected from a premium poster frame. The plexiglass wasn’t as crystal clear as I had hoped, despite its thickness.

On the plus side, it was perfect for adding that personal touch to my gallery wall. The dimensions allowed for a nice-sized piece, making it a great choice for displaying travel photos or other meaningful images. I did wish the frame were a bit sturdier, but overall, it was a decent option for enhancing the aesthetic of my home decor.

Thin Brass Poster Frame (18" x 24") by Essentials | Target

I recently discovered the Thin Poster Frame from Room Essentials, and I must say, it has become a staple in my home decor. This sleek and stylish frame adds a touch of elegance to any photo or artwork I display. Made of a lightweight faux metal brass finish, it’s the perfect addition to any room.

One of the things I love most about this frame is its versatility. It can be displayed either horizontally or vertically, offering plenty of options to create the perfect display. The styrene glazing provides excellent protection for the photos and artwork inside, while the clean-lined look complements any decor style.

However, the product does have some drawbacks. The frames feel a bit cheap and flimsy, especially when handling them. This has led me to be extra cautious when hanging them on the wall, as I don’t want them to fall apart or cause any damage. The cardboard backing also doesn’t feel overly sturdy, and I would recommend using heavier prints for a more secure fit.

Despite these minor concerns, I’m still quite happy with my purchase. The Thin Poster Frame adds a touch of class to any room, and its versatility makes it a great option for displaying photos, artwork, or even as a standalone piece of modern art.

Stylish Poster Frame for 18x24 Downtown Print

Enhance your space with the Golden Finish Poster Frame, Downtown by Studio Décor, available at Michaels. This beautifully designed frame is perfect for showcasing your digital images, fitting perfectly above a mantel or in a stairway. The gold-colored finish adds an elegant touch, while its versatility allows you to hang your artwork both vertically or horizontally with attached sawtooth hangers.

Made of sturdy plastic MDF and facepaper, it’s a reliable choice for preserving your valuable memories. Though some customers mention there’s room for improvement in sturdiness, overall, the Golden Finish Poster Frame exudes class and is an excellent addition to any home decor.

MCS Frame for 18x24 Inch Puzzles in Black

This lovely frame is perfect for showcasing your 18x24 or smaller puzzles. Featuring a sleek, matte black finish, the lightweight 1-inch molding provides an elegant touch to your display.

Not only is it easy to load, but it also comes with a 2-sided sheet of cover stock paper that can be used as a background for your puzzle. The natural MDF backing and hinged hangers allow for versatile hanging options, both vertically and horizontally.

The clarity of the styrene front protects your puzzle from dust and adds a touch of sophistication to its presentation. While some reviews mention assembly issues, overall, this puzzle frame offers a stylish and functional solution for preserving and showcasing your hard work.

Sleek 18x24 Poster Frame with Polished Plexiglass


The Americanflat 18x24 poster frame has certainly become a staple in my home. It boasts sleek, polished plexiglass that gives a polished look making my living space more aesthetically pleasing. However, I did encounter some minor issues.

My first frame’s plastic front, which was supposed to be shatter-resistant glass, had some scratches and chips. This was disappointing as it made it quite noticeable and ruined the overall appearance. Despite this, I must say the frame was easy to hang, and the multiple ways to do so were convenient.

The gallery-style frame, with its backboard, kept my picture perfectly secure. The fact that photos can be displayed in both horizontal and vertical formats is a perk that I truly appreciated.

Black Belmont Picture Frame for 18x24 Photos


The Black Belmont Frame by Studio Decor is a contemporary and versatile option for showcasing your favorite photographs or artwork. With the option to display horizontally or vertically, this frame is available in multiple sizes to fit your needs. It features a depth of 0.71 inches, made from a combination of MDF and polystyrene, providing durability and stability.

The black finish adds an elegant touch to any décor, complementing a variety of styles. The frame is easy to install and set up, making it a hassle-free choice for your home or office space.

18x24 Black Basic Poster Frame


The Mainstays 18" x 24" Black Basic Poster Frame is a budget-friendly option for displaying your favorite inspirational images or art pieces. With a four-piece design and lightweight construction, this frame can be hung either vertically or horizontally, making it versatile for various spaces.

However, it has some drawbacks, such as potential acrylic damage and difficulty in assembling and hanging. Despite these issues, the frame remains an attractive and affordable choice for those looking for a no-frills poster frame.

Natural Woodgrain 18 x 24 Inch Document Frame for Easy Photo Display


One day, I decided it was time to give my favorite family photo a beautiful frame. After some research, I found the MCS Studio Gallery Wall frame in the perfect size for my prized picture. This 18" x 24" frame has a sleek profile with a natural woodgrain finish that complemented my home decor beautifully. The frame is made of MDF wood with a handy plastic styrene front to prevent damage.

One feature that impressed me was the built-in sawtooth hangers — perfect for hanging it vertically or horizontally on the wall. The turn buttons made it easy to slide in my photograph, and with just a few flicks of my wrist, it looked like it belonged there. The overall design and sturdiness of this wooden picture frame made it a worthwhile addition to my home decor, and now my cherished family photo is framed in the best way possible. It was an experience that reminded me of the beauty and simplicity of using natural materials in everyday objects.

18" x 24" Staples Aluminum Poster Frame


This Staples 18x24 aluminum poster frame not only protects your prized posters but also adds a touch of professionalism to any space. The sleek black finish matches any décor and the durable aluminum construction ensures it withstands daily wear and tear. However, some users have faced issues with damaged frames upon arrival.

Overall, this frame makes a great, budget-friendly option for displaying your posters, with the added convenience of easy hanging.

Buyer’s Guide

A picture frame can elevate the appearance of your 18x24 prints, while also protecting them. But with so many options available in the market, choosing the right frame can be a daunting task. This buyer’s guide will walk you through the important features to consider, the different types of frames, and some general advice to ensure you make the best purchase for your needs.

Important Features to Consider

When selecting a frame for your 18x24 print, consider the following factors to ensure the best fit for your artwork and living space. Note that these factors may influence the price of the frame as well. Be prepared to ask yourself these questions before making a decision, and don’t hesitate to reach out to the manufacturer or retailer for guidance.

Types of Frames

There are numerous types of frames available for your 18x24 print, each with its own aesthetic and functional benefits. Consider some of the most common types, and ask yourself which one would best complement your artwork and enhance its visual appeal. Keep in mind that the quality and materials used for each type may also impact the price.

Advice for Your Purchase

When shopping for a frame for your 18x24 print, consider the following tips for a successful purchase that meets your needs and budget. Remember these points when browsing online stores or visiting physical retailers, and don’t hesitate to ask for advice from experienced professionals or consult the reviews section for guidance.

To recap, selecting the right frame for your 18x24 print involves carefully considering various factors, including important features, types of frames, and tips for making a smart purchase. By taking this information into account, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect match for your artwork and elevating its aesthetic appeal.


Why do I need a frame for an 18x24 print?

A frame provides protection to the artwork and enhances its aesthetics. It also adds a finishing touch to the overall look of the print. Additionally, it helps in preventing the print from fading or getting damaged due to exposure to dust, humidity, or sunlight. Using a frame also makes it easier to hang the print on a wall or display it on a shelf.

Moreover, frames for 18x24 prints allow you to create a cohesive design theme for your room by using them to display a collection of artwork or photographs. They can also work as functional display units for showcasing your favorite prints or memories, and can be easily changed as per your preferences.

What materials are suitable for a frame to work with an 18x24 print?

Different materials can be used for framing an 18x24 print, including wood, plastic, aluminum, and even acrylic. Wood is a popular choice due to its durability, stability, and versatility. Wood also offers a variety of finishes such as natural, stained, or painted, which can complement the theme of your room. Plastic frames are lightweight and cost-effective, but they may not be as resistant to changes in temperature and humidity as wood frames. Aluminum frames, on the other hand, are lightweight, sleek, and modern, making them an excellent choice for contemporary designs. Acrylic frames are ideal for displaying prints in open-air environments, such as art galleries, where the risk of damage from water, dust, or heat is minimal.

Ultimately, the choice of material depends on your budget, personal preferences, and the specific requirements of your print. It is essential to consider factors such as UV protection, moisture resistance, and ease of maintenance when selecting a frame material for your 18x24 print. Consulting a framing expert can help you make an informed decision based on your needs.

What frame sizes are available for an 18x24 print?

The frame size should be slightly larger than the artwork to provide adequate clearance for hanging the print safely. A common rule of thumb is to add 1/8 to 1/4 inch of clearance on each side of the print. For an 18x24 print, you can choose from a range of frame sizes, including 18.5x24.5 inches, 19x24 inches, 20x24 inches, or even custom sizes.

Many online retailers offer a variety of standard and custom frame sizes that can accommodate an 18x24 print. You can choose a frame that best matches your design preference and budget. It is also advisable to check the specifications and dimensions of each frame before making a purchase to ensure a perfect fit for your artwork.

Can I order a custom frame for an 18x24 print?

Yes, it is possible to order a custom frame for an 18x24 print. Many online retailers and local framing shops provide custom framing services tailored to your specific requirements. Custom framing allows you to create a unique look that complements the theme of your room or suits your personal style. You can choose materials, colors, and finishes that suit your taste, as well as specific dimensions and mounting options to ensure a snug fit for your print.

When ordering a custom frame for your 18x24 print, consider providing the framer with accurate measurements of your artwork and any mounting preferences. It is also important to specify the type of glass and backing you will require for your specific print. This will help the framer design and build a frame that is not only functional but also visually appealing.

How do I properly hang a frame for an 18x24 print on a wall?

The first step in hanging a frame for an 18x24 print is to ensure that you have the right tools and hardware. This includes a drill or hammer, nails or hooks, and a measuring tape or level. You will also need picture hanging wire or a French cleat, depending on your mounting style and wall type. Choose the appropriate hanging method based on the framing style and the weight of the frame.

Before hanging, carefully position the frame against the wall to ensure it is level. To achieve this, you can use a level or a small spirit level. Mark the spots where the hanging hardware should be positioned. Once you have marked the spots, use a hammer or drill to drive nails or screws into the wall. Hang the frame by attaching the wire or French cleat to the hanging screws. Ensure that the frame is securely hung and level. Regularly check the frame to ensure that it stays secure and level over time.

How do I properly clean and maintain a frame for an 18x24 print?

To maintain the quality and appearance of a frame for an 18x24 print, it is essential to clean it regularly. Use a soft brush or a lint-free cloth to gently remove dust and debris from the frame. For a deeper clean, you may opt to use a mild soap solution mixed with water, but avoid wetting the frame excessively, as this can cause warping or discoloration. Dry the frame with a clean, lint-free cloth.

If you notice any damage, such as cracks, mold, or discoloration, promptly address the issue by seeking professional framing services. Avoid using harsh chemicals or substances, as these may damage the frame or artwork. Regular maintenance of your frame will help extend its lifespan and ensure your 18x24 print looks its best for years to come.

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