Shark Vacuum Parts

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Welcome to our roundup of the top Shark Vacuum Parts that every homeowner needs to have in their cleaning arsenal. From filters to accessories, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide to keep your Shark vacuum in top shape. Dive into our article and discover the best Shark Vacuum Parts available on the market today.

The Top 10 Best Shark Vacuum Parts

  1. Shark Vacuum Odor Neutralizer Cartridges — Keep your Shark vacuum smelling fresh and odor-free with these high-quality replacement Odor Neutralizer Technology cartridges, designed for optimal performance every 6 months.
  2. Shark Vacuum Motorized Floor Nozzle (155FFJ) — The Shark Motorized Floor Nozzle Vacuum 155FFJ seamlessly enhances your cleaning experience by providing optimal compatibility with several Shark vacuum models, offering an unmatched level of versatility and efficiency.
  3. Shark Navigator NV501PR Flexible Hose and Handle — Upgrade your Shark Navigator NV501PR vacuum with a durable, flexible hose and handle from an authorized refurbisher, offering optimal performance while maintaining affordability.
  4. Ymimi Shark Navigator Vacuum Hose and Nozzle Compatibility — Replace your Shark Navigator Vacuum’s broken hose with Ymimi’s durable and easy-to-install Floor Nozzle Hose, fitting various models and offering a free crevice tool.
  5. Genuine Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum Handle Nv360, NV585 (Part 207FFJ360) — Upgrade your Shark Vacuum performance with the genuine Navigator Lift Away Handle Nv360, NV585 — perfect for professionals and homeowners alike.
  6. Shark Motorized Floor Nozzle Vacuum Part for 271FP502 — Upgrade your Shark vacuum with the Shark Motorized Floor Nozzle Vacuum 271FP502 for efficient and easy floor cleaning!
  7. Shark VACMOP Standard Charger | DCVM200 for Vacuum Maintenance — Charge your Shark Vacuum with ease and convenience with the Shark VACMOP Standard Charger, DCVM200 — ensuring a cleaner and more efficient home experience.
  8. Shark Pre-Motor Filter for Grey RVFFK950 Vacuum — Upgrade your Shark Robot Vacuum with the essential Pre-Motor Filter in Grey, designed to work with multiple models and promising enhanced performance and durability.
  9. Motorized Shark Vacuum Attachment — Upgrade your Shark vacuum cleaning experience with the durable and high-performing Shark Motorized Floor Nozzle, refurbished by the largest Shark-authorized refurbisher, ensuring optimal functionality while maintaining an affordable price.
  10. Complete Clean Disposable Shark Stainless Steel Steam Mop Pads for All Sealed Floors — Cleans tough messes, perfect for all sealed floors, and never touch a dirty pad again with Shark’s VACMOP Disposable Hard Floor Vacuum and Mop Pad Refills White, 30 Count.

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Shark Vacuum Odor Neutralizer Cartridges

Shark Vacuum Odor Neutralizer Cartridges | Image

Add a fresh scent to your floors with the Shark Odor Neutralizer Technology Vacuum Cartridges, featuring two replacement cartridges for Shark products. These cartridges effectively neutralize any unpleasant smells, keeping your vacuum and home smelling fresh. Each cartridge has an estimated lifespan of up to 6 months, but be sure to replace them regularly for optimal efficiency.

With a height of 4.72 inches, length of 1.97 inches, and width of 3.94 inches, these cartridges seamlessly fit into your Shark vacuum’s nozzle. Make your home feel cleaner and more inviting with the help of these exceptional vacuum cartridges.

Shark Vacuum Motorized Floor Nozzle (155FFJ)

Shark Vacuum Motorized Floor Nozzle (155FFJ) | Image

The Shark Motorized Floor Nozzle Vacuum, known as 155FFJ, is a versatile and efficient addition to any Shark vacuum lineup. Designed to work seamlessly with several models, including NV355, NV355C, NV356E, NV357, and NV358, this nozzle guarantees top-notch performance when it comes to cleaning your floors with ease.

One of the standout features of this motorized nozzle is its powerful suction, which efficiently picks up dirt, dust, and debris from various floor types. Its durable construction ensures it withstands regular use, while its lightweight design makes it a breeze to maneuver around your home.

However, one potential drawback is the lack of compatibility with certain Shark vacuum models, so it’s essential to check if your specific vacuum model is compatible before making a purchase. Additionally, some users might find it challenging to change the nozzle’s attachments quickly, which could slightly slow down the cleaning process.

Overall, the Shark Motorized Floor Nozzle Vacuum 155FFJ is a reliable and effective tool for keeping your floors clean, making it a valuable addition to your Shark vacuum system.

Shark Navigator NV501PR Flexible Hose and Handle

Shark Navigator NV501PR Flexible Hose and Handle | Image

I recently added the Shark Flexible Hose with Handle to my Shark Navigator NV501PR vacuum to enhance its functionality. The hose is truly flexible, making it effortless to handle those tough-to-reach corners. The handle is comfortable to grip and provides a sense of control.

It also works seamlessly with the vacuum, and has an 180-day warranty for peace of mind. However, since it’s from an authorized refurbisher, there might be the occasional scuff or scratch.

Ymimi Shark Navigator Vacuum Hose and Nozzle Compatibility

Ymimi Shark Navigator Vacuum Hose and Nozzle Compatibility | Image

The Ymimi Floor Nozzle Hose is an excellent replacement for your broken Shark Navigator vacuum lower floor nozzle hose. It’s compatible with various models, including NV350, NV351, NV352, and many more. Compared to Part # 193FFJ, this Ymimi hose is just as functional, providing you with a crevice tool in the package.

Made with high-quality materials, this floor nozzle hose is not only durable but also easy to clean and install. Simply remove the broken hose and replace it with this one for a seamless and hassle-free experience. With its perfect fit and user-friendly design, the Ymimi Floor Nozzle Hose ensures your Shark vacuum will work at its best, providing excellent cleaning performance.

Genuine Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum Handle Nv360, NV585 (Part 207FFJ360)

Genuine Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum Handle Nv360, NV585 (Part 207FFJ360) | Image

The Shark Vacuum Handle Nv360, NV585, is a genuine part that adds convenience to your Shark vacuum experience. As someone who has been using it, I can say that it fits perfectly with the Navigator Lift Away Vacuum and makes handling the vacuum effortless.

The handle stands out for its durability and comfortable grip. It’s made from high-quality materials that ensure its longevity, and the ergonomic design makes it easy to maneuver around the house. I appreciate how it makes cleaning tasks easier and faster without straining my hands.

However, there is a minor issue with this handle. It can be a bit heavy for long periods, which might cause arm fatigue after extended use. Other than that, I’m happy with the performance, and it has been a reliable addition to my vacuuming equipment.

Overall, the Shark Vacuum Handle Nv360, NV585 is a practical and user-friendly accessory for your Shark vacuum. While there may be minor drawbacks, the benefits it brings to the cleaning experience outweigh them, making it a worthwhile investment.

Shark Motorized Floor Nozzle Vacuum Part for 271FP502

Shark Motorized Floor Nozzle Vacuum Part for 271FP502 | Image

Introducing the Shark Motorized Floor Nozzle Vacuum, model 271FP502 — a fantastic addition to your vacuum collection. Designed for optimal performance, this nozzle is specifically built for use with Shark vacuums LA502 and LA502NP.

Experience the convenience of a motorized floor nozzle that’s easy to handle and efficient in cleaning. The 271FP502 is known for its durable construction, ensuring that it stands up against daily use. It also features a simple attachment system, making it a breeze to switch between floor types and surfaces.

One of the downsides of this product, however, is that it may not be compatible with all Shark vacuum models. But don’t let that deter you — this nozzle is a game-changer for those who have the compatible vacuums as part of their cleaning arsenal.

For users looking to upgrade their floor cleaning experience, the Shark Motorized Floor Nozzle Vacuum is a must-have. However, it’s essential to double-check its compatibility with your existing vacuum before making the investment.

In conclusion, the 271FP502 Shark Motorized Floor Nozzle Vacuum is a handy and powerful tool when paired with the right vacuum, providing a seamless cleaning experience.

Shark VACMOP Standard Charger | DCVM200 for Vacuum Maintenance

Shark VACMOP Standard Charger | DCVM200 for Vacuum Maintenance | Image

The Shark VACMOP Standard Charger offers convenience and efficiency for those using Shark vacuum cleaners. Its compatibility with a variety of Shark vacuum models, including the UM205, VC205, VM200, VM200C, VM250, VM251, VM252, QM250, VM252C, makes it a versatile option for multiple users. However, it’s important to note that the absence of reviews and ratings may leave potential buyers unsure of the product’s performance.

Shark Pre-Motor Filter for Grey RVFFK950 Vacuum

Shark Pre-Motor Filter for Grey RVFFK950 Vacuum | Image

I recently tried out the Shark Robot Pre-Motor Filter Vacuum in Grey, with the model number RVFFK950. This device is compatible with a wide range of Shark vacuums, making it a versatile addition to any cleaning station.

What stood out to me was how efficiently the filter worked, reducing both noise and maintenance needed. However, the grey color might not be as aesthetically pleasing as some other options on the market.

Overall, this pre-motor filter vacuum offers solid functionality for a plethora of Shark vacuums, even with a bit of color compromise.

Motorized Shark Vacuum Attachment

Motorized Shark Vacuum Attachment | Image

In my hunt for a replacement part for my Shark vacuum, I stumbled upon the Shark 1278FC652 Motorized Floor Nozzle from the largest Shark-authorized refurbisher. To be honest, I was surprised at the fast and easy process of finding a replacement for my vacuum. The nozzle arrived in great condition with only a few minor scratches, which I didn’t even notice until I gave it a close look.

The installation was a breeze, and the floor nozzle worked like a charm. I was amazed at how well it operated, and I even noticed an improvement in my vacuum’s overall performance. The company’s service was top-notch, and the shipping was swift.

However, my only issue was with the price of the shipping, which seemed a bit high. Additionally, the item description could have been a bit more precise about the item’s condition, as some users mentioned receiving items with minor imperfections. But overall, I was thoroughly impressed with this product and would highly recommend it to anyone in need of a replacement floor nozzle for their Shark vacuum.

Complete Clean Disposable Shark Stainless Steel Steam Mop Pads for All Sealed Floors

Complete Clean Disposable Shark Stainless Steel Steam Mop Pads for All Sealed Floors | Image

I recently purchased a Shark VACMOP pads set to refill my trusty cordless vacuum-mop hybrid. I’m thrilled with the results, and it’s made maintaining my hardwood and ceramic tile floors a breeze. The VACMOP pads are designed to pick up debris and lock it away for easy disposal without any nasty messes.

These durable pads are made to tackle tough stains and grime, leaving floors shiny and pristine. Their multi-layered composition can stand up to all types of messes, from muddy paw prints to spilled juice and anything in between.

Overall, I highly recommend the Shark VACMOP pads to anyone looking for a hassle-free and effective cleaning solution that also doubles as a vacuum.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to cleaning your home, nothing beats the efficiency and power of a Shark vacuum. These machines are known for their impressive suction and versatility, making them perfect for tackling any mess. However, just like any other appliance, they require regular maintenance and occasional replacement of parts. In this guide, we’ll discuss the key features, considerations, and advice for maintaining and upgrading your Shark vacuum with genuine Shark Vacuum Parts.


Important Features of Shark Vacuum Parts

When choosing Shark Vacuum Parts, there are several factors to consider: compatibility, quality, and brand reputation. The vacuum cleaner model plays a critical role in determining compatibility, so make sure to select parts designed for your specific Shark model. It’s also essential to look for high-quality parts that will ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your vacuum cleaner. Lastly, go for parts from a reputable brand like SharkClean or Shark HQ, who specialize in providing authentic and reliable replacement parts for Shark vacuums.

Considerations When Replacing Shark Vacuum Parts

While replacing vacuum cleaner parts is generally a straightforward process, there are some factors to think about before diving in. First and foremost, always make sure to have the right set of tools on hand, such as a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. Additionally, remember to disassemble and reassemble the vacuum cleaner properly to avoid any damage. Lastly, if you’re unsure about performing the replacement yourself, consider reaching out to a professional for assistance.


Tips for Prolonging the Life of Your Shark Vacuum

To ensure that your Shark vacuum continues to perform optimally, follow these maintenance tips: empty the dust canister regularly, clean the filters and brushroll, avoid using the vacuum in wet areas, and store it in a dry location when not in use. Adopting these practices will significantly extend the lifespan of your vacuum cleaner and ultimately save you money on replacement parts and frequent repairs.

Advice for Troubleshooting Your Shark Vacuum

If you encounter any problems while using your Shark vacuum, such as reduced suction, an inoperable motor, or a clogged brushroll, don’t panic! Start by checking the manual, which should offer guidance on troubleshooting common issues. If the problem persists, consider reaching out to Shark Customer Support, who can provide assistance and potentially replace damaged or malfunctioning parts under warranty. Additionally, always ensure that you’re using genuine Shark Vacuum Parts to avoid any compatibility issues and to maintain the vacuum’s performance.



What is a Shark vacuum and why do I need replacement parts?

Shark vacuums are popular upright and handheld vacuum cleaners known for their strong suction and versatile cleaning abilities. Like any mechanical product, they may wear out over time and require replacement parts to maintain their performance. Replacement parts include filters, power brushes, and accessories.

Different Shark vacuum models have unique replacement part requirements. It’s essential to know and replace these parts to ensure optimal cleaning performance and prolong the lifespan of your Shark vacuum cleaner. If you’re unsure which replacement parts your vacuum requires, refer to the user manual or contact Shark’s customer support.


What are some common Shark vacuum parts that need replacement?

Some common Shark vacuum parts that may need replacement are the following:

  1. HEPA filter, which works to capture small particles such as dust, allergens, and pet dander;
  2. Foam filter, which helps trap micron-sized particles that can’t be caught by the HEPA filter;
  3. Pre-motor filter, which captures debris and protects the motor from damage; and 4) Power brush, which is responsible for cleaning carpets, upholstery, and hard floors.

It’s essential to check these parts for wear and tear regularly and replace them as necessary. For some parts, Shark offers a lifetime warranty, meaning they will be replaced free of charge if they become defective. Be sure to check the warranty information for each part, and consult Shark’s customer support for replacement options.

Where can I find replacement parts for my Shark vacuum?

You can find replacement parts at the following sources:

  1. official Shark website — visit their online shop, which usually offers a wide range of parts for various Shark vacuum models. 2) local retailers — call or visit a local store selling Shark vacuums, as they may have the parts you require. 3) online marketplaces — consider browsing through platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Walmart for a broader selection of aftermarket parts or genuine Shark components.

When searching for replacement parts, it’s essential to provide your vacuum model number (located on the bottom or back of the vacuum), so the seller can guide you to the correct part. Additionally, be cautious of counterfeit or unauthorized parts, which could potentially damage your vacuum. It’s always best to purchase parts directly from Shark or authorized retailers.


How do I know which replacement part is compatible with my Shark vacuum model?

To ensure that you purchase the correct replacement part for your Shark vacuum, you should check the following information:

  1. Vacuum model number — This information can typically be found on the bottom or back of the vacuum. 2) Vacuum series — Some vacuum models have specific series that need unique parts, which can be determined by the model number.

When browsing online, look for the model number in the product description or the seller’s FAQ section. You can also consult the Shark product manual or visit Shark’s website to determine the correct part or contact their customer support for assistance. In case you’ve lost or don’t have a model number, take your vacuum to a local retailer or contact Shark’s customer support for assistance.

How long do Shark vacuum parts typically last?

The lifespan of Shark vacuum parts can vary depending on factors such as usage, cleaning frequency, and the quality of the part. Generally, you can expect filters to last for 6–12 months, power brushes for about 1–2 years, and other parts for a similar period. Proper cleaning and maintenance can help extend the life of your Shark vacuum parts.

If you are experiencing performance issues or notice a significant decline in your vacuum’s performance, it’s a good idea to check replacement parts. Contact Shark’s customer support or visit their website to explore options for purchasing new parts that can help restore your vacuum’s cleaning abilities.

Are there any tips or best practices for maintaining Shark vacuum parts?

To ensure your Shark vacuum’s parts last as long as possible and maintain optimal performance, follow these best practices:

  1. Clean or replace filters regularly — HEPA filters should be cleaned or replaced every 1–3 months, depending on the vacuum’s use and the presence of allergens or pets in the home. 2) Empty the canister — Make sure to empty the canister and wash it out as needed, as dirt and debris trapped inside can reduce suction.
  2. Clean the power brush — Regularly clean the power brush after each use, removing any hair or debris tangled in the brush roll. Some Shark vacuums come with a tool designed specifically for cleaning the brush roll. 4) Check belts and brushes — Ensure the brushes and belts are working properly and free from wear and tear. If they need replacement, make sure to use genuine Shark parts. 5) Proper storage — Store your Shark vacuum in a dry place and protect it from harsh temperature changes to prevent part deterioration.

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